Advantages of Using The ServiCon Team as Your Manufacturers’ Agents

We, as Manufacturers’ Agents, are long-term independent marketing partners who grow with their principals and maintain a steady presence in a territory. More than just sell products, agents provide many extra services that add value to the partnership.

Why sell through ServiCon Sales Corporation?

  • Predictable Sales Costs That Go Up & Down With
  • Lower Sales
  • Increased Sales
  • Immediate Access to The Market
  • Free Consulting Services
  • Cost of Training and Turnover in Sales Personnel Is Eliminated
  • Highly Experienced, More Aggressive Sales Force
  • Sales Forecasting Is Equal or Superior to A Direct Sales Force
  • Broader Sales Context for Your Product
  • Provides Marketing Flexibility at Less Cost
  • Creates A Systems Approach to Selling
  • Every Call Is A Relationship Call for Your Company
  • Better Market Intelligence
  • Risk-free Exploration of New Market Niches
  • Vested Partner in Manufacturer’s Success