Analog and Digital DC Speed Controls, SCR & PWM, DC Brushless Speed Controls, Digital Tachometers, Battery Operated Speed Controls, Speed Sensors, DC Motors ¼ to 2.0 HP.

Lovato Electric

“Energy & Automation”
Motor Control & Protection-Contactors, Starters, Circuit Breakers, Relays Control & Signalling-Pushbuttons, Signal Lights, Limit Switches, Cam Switch Circuit Protection-Disconnects, Surge Protection, Earth Leakage Relays Automation & Control-Timers, Level Control, Micro PLC’s, Power Supplies Energy Management-Metering, Power Factor, Auto Transfer Controllers

Ready Cobot

Reliable Collaborative Robot Series, Easy-to-Program, Industry Leading Specifications for Payload, Reach and Speed
Configurable Low-Voltage Inputs and Outputs for Easy System Integration
S-Series Force Control Combines with Optional Camera for Self-Learning and Natural Human-Cobot Cooperation
6-Axis, Graphical Programming, Free-Drive w/ MT (PAD/Mobile) APP, Collaborative Operation in Accordance with GB 11291.1-2011 Remote Interaction, Plug and Play, Open Software and Hardware Ecosystem


Trimantec™ is a full-service electro-mechanical assembler and contract manufacturer of CUSTOM CABLE ASSEMBLIES AND CUSTOM WIRE HARNESSES. Our expertise ranges from module-based designs, to complete ready-to-ship, fully tested assemblies. We are adept at wire assemblies ranging from small gauge, tipped and tinned hook up wires; to complex test cables that contain miles of wire, multiple breakouts and specialty connectors. CUSTOM MACHINED PARTS, Milling and Turning, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Welding, ISO9001:2015 QMS


Full Electrical & Mechanical Line Card